Support Dwip Galley

Dwip gallery is primarily focused on the emerging art scene. Since the beginning of its journey in October 2018, Dwip has staged 22 exhibitions. Visitors enjoyed more than 1,500 artworks by 108 artists from all over the country, in different exhibition formats including group shows and solo exhibitions. Dwip has also been instrumental in staging artist talks alongside art exhibitions, which turned it into a new magnet for artists, photographers and art connoisseurs.


However, for Dwip it costs around BDT 100,000 to arrange a two-week-long exhibition which includes expenses for venue, utility, publications, communication, etc. What weighs us down is that in the current bearish art market Dwip has so far managed to generate an income which only reaches up to a mere 20% of the cost it regularly incurs.


Dwip is determined to continue with the journey which will not be possible without your support.


Dwip gallery is seeking support from individuals, organizations, and companies who are intent on promoting art in Bangladesh so that as a people in our collective strive towards the future we remain resolute and undeterred.


Account Title: LUSTRE DWIP

Account No: 1111001186981

Bank: Mercantile Bank Limited

Routing No: 1762204