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tales of taste - স্মৃতির স্বাদ

Online archive of Indigenous recipes and memories

Taste doesn’t just start and end only with eating. When and where was eaten, what was eaten, who cooked it, how it was cooked, how it tasted, where it was collected from, who was with them, or why and how everything happened – all these memories accumulate in the mind. Sometimes its place, time, and person becomes more important than the food itself. Sometimes with the disappearance of the place, time, and person, the food or the taste is lost. This ending can be natural, normal, induced, imposed, replaced, or even repelled. The history of food or taste and the history of human life go hand in hand. The ‘Tales of Taste’ is actually some story that is lost and about to be lost from human lifestyle. 

LUSTRE Dwip, through the EMK Center, Dhaka supported ‘Tales of Taste’ project, has explored the lives of the Chakma people of Bangladesh in the first phase and brought out some of their flavors and memories.