Dwip Gallery Policy

Exhibition Policy

Generally Dwip will stage art exhibitions at its own display space by selecting artist(s) and artworks through curatorial search led by Chief Curator. Moreover, artists can submit their proposals for review. 

If the organization agreed to arrange an art exhibition, the following terms and conditions will apply-

  1. Artist retains ownership of all work consigned to or represented by Dwip. Artists retain copyright to all consigned artwork in perpetuity, as confirmed by the law.
  2. Dwip will pay artists only for sold artwork(s).
  3. Dwip will pay artists for their products, only after sale. 
  4. Dwip will deduct 40 percent of the total collection amount as commission.
  5. Artists will pay BDT 20,000 in advance for the exhibition catalog, and Dwip will manage design, printing, and production according to a designated specification.
  6. Retail sales price for each consigned artwork will be determined by the artist with a view to ensure affordability for the buyers.
  7. Artworks will be handed over to the collector on request under special circumstances even during the exhibition but only upon full payment and in such an event an artist might be asked to provide with an additional artwork either from the same series or a work approximately of same style/size.
  8. Payment will be provided to the artist(s) within 10 days after receipt of payment and clearance from collector to Dwip. Artwork will not be released by Dwip to collectors until full payment is received.
  9. Dwip will make all reasonable efforts to protect consigned artwork from accidental damage except for any unforeseeable circumstances or situations beyond its control. Dwip will pay for and manage the restoration work(s) for any damage (of artwork) caused in its custody. Dwip may seek assistance and suggestions from artists. In case of full damage (in Dwip custody), Dwip will pay 30% of total price to the artist. In case of unavoidable circumstances or natural disaster, ie earthquake, fire etc. Dwip will not remain liable to pay any compensation.
  10. Artists will let Dwip curate and display as it may deem appropriate to the artworks described on attached inventory, which is an addendum to this contract.
  11. It is understood by both parties that the consigned artwork will remain housed at Dwip until and unless it is released to a Collector after payment of full purchase price.
  12. Artists will return artwork(s) within 10 days from exhibition ending.
  13. Dwip retains the right to use work images for publicity in print or online.
  14. It will be the Artist’s responsibility to take and return product(s) to and from Dwip. Dwip is not liable to pay for the transportation. Transportation charges have no impact on product price.

All changes to the agreement must normally be in writing signed by both parties which contains all the agreed terms regarding the exhibition only.

Dwip Collections

Dwip, conceives itself as a space of art. As its vision of art promotion, we approach artists willing to have their works displayed at our gallery as a random collection. There is no fixed formula of organizing an exhibition. Individual artists or collectives are encouraged to engage in a spontaneous dialogue with Dwip that would potentially lead to an arrangement profitable for both parties.


However, in order to provide a basic policy guideline, suffice it to say, Dwip will propose the following procedures:

  1. Dwip will lend its space to artists/artisans to display their works to the audience. Once contacted Dwip will go over artists’ portfolios and select works, which will then find a specific exhibition spot according to Dwip’ curatorial discretion.
  2. The artworks will be on display for an undefined period, but if an artist wishes, in the meantime, to withdraw their works they will be required to notify Dwip a week prior to retrieval.
  3. The profit from the sale will be shared between Dwip and the artist, which will take place only after sale. 
  4. Dwip will deduct 50 percent of the total collection amount as commission.

Rest other terms will be the same as ‘Exhibition Policy’.

Gallery Rental

Dwip may provide its gallery space to arrange exhibitions/events lasting any duration.

  1. Dwip demands BDT 4,000 for a full day and BDT 2,500 for a half day. 
  2. Dwip will vacate the selective place for exhibition/event organizer within 9pm before the day of inauguration.
  3. Organizers may get storage service for 2 days (total 4) before and after exhibition. Charge may apply on additional store use. 
  4. Any kind of alteration to building structure is not permitted.
  5. If organizers publish an exhibition catalog, they must use Dwip’ logo as co-organizer at designated measurement, colour and position as per Dwip’s branding guideline. 
  6. Please note that Dwip’s regular operational activities will continue during exhibition.
  7. Organizers need to book the space with 30% of the payment in advance. Rest of the payment deposit has to be paid within the day before the event begins.
  8. Dwip will refund full advance booking money within 15 days and half within 10 days before the scheduled date for booking cancellation.

Dwip will not return advance booking money from the 9th day until the scheduled date for postponed events.4

Dwip gallery is primarily focused on the emerging art scene. Dwip curates and stages art exhibitions. Visitors will enjoy artworks by artists from all over the country, in different exhibition formats including group shows and solo exhibitions.