Group art exhibition with small-sized artworks

November 9-29, 2018, Dwip Gallery, 1/1, Block D (g floor), Lalmatia, Dhaka

Small is Beautiful

“Miniscope” presents around 64 artists with 108 artworks under one roof. The limit on size was a pre-decided criterion each participant had to conform to. This made the large assembly of works stageable in a small venue. What now seems like an interesting blend of recent artistic yields, at the planning phase seemed like an impossible task to pull off.

The motley collection of works demonstrates how artists pursue different ways to arrive at imageries through personalized agglomeration of lines, colours, and shapes, or even by way of bringing a conceptual dimension to their works.

It seems that a major portion of the works represent the current ecology of contemporary art in their own ways. Most artists tried to overcome the size constraints just by being themselves.

An artist finds a distinctive language to express himself or herself despite all the limits — he or she must articulate in a certain way. The uniqueness of artists cannot be judged. It is only to be appreciated. Simply put, theirs are like visual echoes from the heart of the crowd.

Dwip is happy to have created such a platform where the participating artists could take the liberty to voice their uniqueness and explore all sorts of mediums — painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture, etc.

With Miniscope, 180 Degrees attempts to accommodate the maximum number of artists within its limited capacity. The idea is to create a space for staging art that would have mass appeal and attract connoisseurs who would prefer to buy art at a reasonable price besides facilitating interaction between art and society. 



Participant Artists

A.B.M. Rokon-uz-Zaman, Abu Kalam Shamsuddin, Adity Dey, Afroza Nazmin Lili, Amit Khan, Anindita Habib, Arju Rahman, run Chandra Barmon, Ehasanul Haque Abir, Farhana Afroz Bappy, Faria Farzana Morshed, Farzana Islam Milky, Golam Mohammed Joarder, Hasura Akter Rumky, Injamul Hasan, Kamruzzaman Sagar, Kiriti Saha, M Shafik, Mahmood Al Mahdi, Md Abdul Guffar Babu, Md Raihan Ahamad, Md Sameen Yeasaar, MD. Abdul Momen Milton, Md. Alamgir Hossain (Nayan), Md. Ziaul Hoque, Md Rabin Ahmed, Monirul Islam, Mousumi Akter Monika, Mst Shaila Akhter Luna, Mukti Vaumik, Mumu Rakhine, Nafiuzzaman Nafi, Nasrin Jahan Onika, Nityananda Gaine, Prodip Saha, Promita Rozario, Raufun Nahar Ritu, Refat Jahan Kanta, Rezwana Chowdhury, Sabia Nasrin, Sabrina Shahnaz, Sabyasachi Mojumder, Salma Zakia Bristy, Samia Ahmed, Sarah Jabin, Saria Saguaro, Shafiul Alam Shahin, Shamina Anam Poly, Sharmin Rahman, Shibananda Adhikary Biplob, Shipra Rani Biswas, Shuchita Saparya, Shyamal Chandra Sarker, Soheli Hasan, Suborna Morsheada, Sumaiya Hossain Turfa, Sumon Ahmed, Tahmina Aziz Dighi, Tamzid Nawreen Purnee, Tazrian Tabassum, Trisha Ferdoushi, Umme Habiba Shuchi, Ummey Mabruka, and Uttam Kumar Roy,